Raising a Hand for Mental Health with MIEND


The past year has brought challenges that can be overwhelming for some of us. Daily routines are interrupted, and suddenly, either you or someone you love is facing a mental illness.

As loopsters, we support the families and caretakers of those who face challenges with their mental health.

We are proud of the team in the UK for supporting each other every morning with a quick early meeting to check on everyone since the pandemic began. WE are better than ME.

Derik P. from the US once found a new healthy hobby while working in Germany and arriving when it was dark and leaving work when it was dark early at night. He used the weekends to go outdoors riding his bike. We are purposeful.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Loop1 CARES committee supports www.miend.org with their “Raise a Hand for mental health” campaign.

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