Case Study
Replace. Upgrade. Consolidate.

Who we are
Loop1 is a global provider of IT Training & Professional Services for clients of all sizes across all industries.

Our unique specialty with the SolarWinds network monitoring platform allows us to provide end-to-end customization solutions to SolarWinds end-users.

Project Summary
The Loop1 team worked with a large enterprise client that was looking to modernize their network infrastructure and IT architecture.

The client was replacing various vendor technologies as well as their own home-grown systems. The idea was to consolidate and streamline as much as possible in order to future proof their environment and increase the effectiveness of the network and systems teams.

Due to the size of the company and number of groups involved, we included a project manager to assist with the planning and coordination of service engagement.

The engagement took a total of three weeks to complete and included upgrades of Orion installations, adding SolarWinds modules, and customizing many aspects of the deployment.

The Problem & The Solution

The Problem
The client was replacing multiple monitoring technologies (Microsoft SCOM, various “home- grown”) and upgrading a very old installation of Orion NPM to centralize all of their monitoring into a single pane of glass across 9 separate teams: VMware/Storage, Networking, Windows, Application Developers, Production Support, Middleware, Database Administrators, IBM AIX, and VoIP.

The Solution
We provided the client with an extended engagement where an engineer went on-site for 3 days to perform an installation and upgrades of all SolarWinds products. Additionally, we met with the necessary teams to gather all of their monitoring, dashboard, reporting, and alerting requirements.

The engineer then worked remotely for two weeks to build a completely customized solution based entirely on their requirements utilizing various customizations such as PowerShell SAM Monitors, Custom SQL Reports, and Custom SWQL Resources for Dashboards.

At the end, we spent 3 more days on-site with the client training each of their teams on the products that they would be interacting with going forward, including:

What were the results of the improvements that we made?

In 17 days, our team was able to 100% migrate the client‘s entire monitoring platform into one consolidated environment, while at the same time adding numerous upgrades and capabilities that they did not previously have available.

In addition, each team received a customized solution tailored to their own specific needs that also followed an organizational standard set by upper management to baseline their monitoring stance.

All of this not only allowed the teams to continue performing their daily activities without major interruption throughout the project; it saved them a significant amount of money in man-hours for both configuration of the solution as well as Mean-Time to Resolution (MTTR) for incidents moving forward.

What impact did our work have on the client’s financial and business operations?

The client was able to realize significant cost savings based on MTTR improvements overall. The project could have easily taken in-house teams months to achieve. Rather than removing employees from standard tasks for a special project, we were able to complete the large project in less that 3 weeks without interruption to the client‘s daily operations.

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