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As well as leading industry events and webcasts, Loop1 also provides a comprehensive global program of SolarWinds instructor-led public training classes.

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Featured Webcast

L1M3—A fresh take on Monitoring Maturity

Bill Fitzpatrick – CEO and Chairman, Loop1
Guest Speaker: Jeff Stewart, SolarWinds Field CTO, and VP Global Sales

Whether you’re new to the L1M3 model or have attended one of our previous webcasts, join Loop1 Chairman & CEO, Bill Fitzpatrick—the architect of L1M3—for an insightful discussion on monitoring maturity and how the drive to observability is the future of systems monitoring.

Discover how 5+6+7 = a scorecard and roadmap to close the gaps between people, tools, and processes to reduce noise, improve efficiency, and drive valuable business insights.

Plus get an insight into SolarWinds’ new Observability Suites and the journey to full-stack observability from Jeff Stewart, SolarWinds Field CTO and VP Global Sales Engineering.

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WEBINAR | The whys & wherefores of monitoring the monitoring platform

Broadcast November 2021

Kris Maxwell – Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect
Jordan Tata – Director of Sales for NA

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Having undertaken several thousand SolarWinds professional services engagements over the last decade, there is one thing that never ceases to amaze our engineering team—the lack of rudimentary monitoring many organizations have in place to monitor their SolarWinds platform.

It’s somewhat ironic, given the whole reason organizations invest in SolarWinds IT monitoring and management tools, is to monitor and manage IT. So why not turn that around, and monitor the monitoring?

Join Loop1’s Senior Enterprise Solutions Architect, Kris Maxwell, and Director of Sales for NA, Jordan Tata, for this virtual session on the importance of monitoring your SolarWinds platform to ensure high availability.

“Mind the Gap”—Taking IT Operations Management from Ad-Hoc to Insightful

Broadcast October 2020

Bill Fitzpatrick – CEO and Chairman, Loop1
Patrick Hubbard – Head Geek™, SolarWinds

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Decade after decade, organizations have poured countless hours and dollars into IT operations management (ITOM). So, how do you know where you stand? Can you create alignment around IT strategy to evaluate priorities to improve responsiveness and reduce risk? Getting your arms around where to get the biggest bang for your buck can be tricky with larger organizations and numerous stakeholders.

To help IT organizations deliver the most impactful business outcomes, Loop1, a trusted SolarWinds partner, has developed the Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model (L1M3) to help drive ITOM maturity. This model provides a scorecard and roadmap to close the gaps between people, processes, and tools to reduce noise, improve efficiency, and drive business insights.

Join us in this webinar to learn how you can leverage L1M3 to assess your current monitoring maturity and build a roadmap to achieve your goals.

  • Learn the five phases of monitoring maturity: Ad-Hoc, Fragmented, Typical, Optimized, and Insightful
  • Learn how to assess ITOM maturity
    • Adoption and enablement
    • Performance and availability
    • Security and compliance
    • Feature awareness
    • Automation and integration
    • Analytics and business outcomes
  • Discover how to apply the assessment to every technology, deployed anywhere
    • IT Service Management
    • Applications
    • Servers and containers
    • Databases
    • Storage
    • Networks
  • Learn how you can quickly and easily correlate all of the above using a single, powerful feature of the SolarWinds® Orion® Platform.

Detect & troubleshoot server & application performance issues faster with SolarWinds

Broadcast August 2020

Bill Fitzpatrick – CEO and Chairman, Loop1
John O’Callaghan – Director, International Product Marketing, SolarWinds
Nigel Douglas – Sales Engineer, SolarWinds

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When systems fail, finding the root cause and fixing it before end users are impacted is critical. That’s where SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) can help. With deeper insights into your application and server issues, you have the information you need to take action immediately.

SAM is designed to monitor your applications and their supporting infrastructure, whether running on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Don’t let slow applications and downtime impact your end users and business services. Pinpoint the root cause of application issues across various layers of the IT stack.

Team with SolarWinds AppOptics™ to boost your application performance monitoring coverage. AppOptics is a next-generation, SaaS-based application performance monitoring (APM) solution. It’s a convergence of application performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and custom metrics into a single, simple, affordable tool that delivers a deeper and wider understanding of system availability and performance.

Join Loop1 CEO & Chairman, Bill Fitzpatrick, together with guest presenters, John O’Callaghan (Director of International Product Marketing) and Nigel Douglas (Sales Engineer) from SolarWinds, for this webcast as they share key insights into how to make IT easier with Application Performance Solutions from SolarWinds.

The power to monitor & manage your network with ITOM solutions from SolarWinds

Broadcast July 2020

Bill Fitzpatrick – CEO and Chairman, Loop1
Eoin Keenan – Senior Product Marketing Manager, SolarWinds
Sascha Giese – Head Geek, Technical Product Marketing, SolarWinds

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a powerful and affordable network monitoring solution that enables IT pros to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages. Combine with SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), and you have the power to boost your NetFlow monitoring capabilities, discover traffic patterns, and avoid bandwidth hogs.

Join Loop1 CEO & Chairman, Bill Fitzpatrick, together with guest presenters, Sascha Giese (Head Geek) and Eoin Keenan (Senior Product Marketing Manager) from SolarWinds, for this Loop1 webcast, as they share key insights into how to effectively master network management and traffic monitoring.

Sascha provides demos of NPM and NTA, highlighting some of the key features of each—as well as providing some context as to where they sit within the SolarWinds ITOM portfolio.

Discover how to simplify your ever-evolving IT operations management complexities by bringing everything together with one unified platform and end-to-end visibility to manage it all.

Keeping IT running with Loop1 and SolarWinds

Broadcast April 2020

Bill Fitzpatrick – CEO and Chairman, Loop1
Lorenzo Brizeño – Technical Trainer, Loop1

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As the world deals with the changes brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, IT pros are faced with keeping their organizations and employees up and running remotely. Here at Loop1, our experienced SolarWinds Certified Professional engineers have developed an intelligent operational dashboard to help IT pros manage their SolarWinds systems from a single point of truth.

In this Loop1 webcast we demonstrate how you can keep your organization running using world-leading IT monitoring setups.

During the webcast, Bill and Lorenzo help you to:

  • Understand the important areas you need to monitor in this ‘remote working’ environment
  • Fine tune your SolarWinds systems to emulate world-leading standards
  • Set-up the Loop1 dashboard and install the code to connect to your operations

Streamline support and improve service delivery with SolarWinds ITSM

Broadcast May 2020

Bill Fitzpatrick – CEO and Chairman, Loop1
Patrick Knoope – Manager Solutions Engineering, SolarWinds ITSM

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Introducing SolarWinds Service Desk, a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution for both ITSM and ITAM that pairs a customizable service portal with a powerful backend for service delivery.

Hear from Loop1 CEO & Chairman, Bill Fitzpatrick, together with guest presenter, Patrick Knoope, Manager Solutions Engineering at SolarWinds ITSM, as they discuss why an effective IT Service Management strategy is so vital for organizations in order to support and deliver key enterprise IT services.

Patrick provides a deep-dive demo into SolarWinds Service Desk – during which you’ll learn how to make service delivery easier for your employees by:
* Integrating your IT asset data into your overall service delivery strategy
* Adopting ITIL best practices like incident, problem, change, and release management
* Setting up a self-service portal and service catalog to properly route requests
* Adding automation and AI to simplify tasks

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