NETWORK CONFIGURATION MANAGER (NCM) Automated Network Configuration & Change Management

Easily Integratable

Get out-of-the-box solutions for all major network device vendors, including: Cisco, Juniper, HP, Huawei, F5, Avaya, Ruckus, and others

Orion Compatable

Full integration with other network monitoring modules from SolarWinds, as well as systems, storage, and virtualization management in a single pane

Extensive Capabilities

Automate bulk deployment of standardized device configuration, automate backups & implementation, and perform audits for NIST FISMA, DISA STIG, and DSS PCI compliance

Proactive Security

Automatically identify IOS devices with potential vulnerabilities by utilizing the NIST CVE repository service, and get tools to manage the investigation and remediate or waiver each vulnerability
Solarwinds Authorized Reseller

Get your day back with Network Configuration Manager (NCM) by SolarWinds. This tool will manage configurations, changes, and compliance for routers, switches, and other devices, leaving your network more reliable and secure. As both an authorized reseller and premier services partner, Loop1 can help you obtain your SolarWinds product license and deploy NCM, ensuring your investment is performing at peak optimization for your environment.

Network Configuration Manager Key Feature

  • Network Configuration & Change Management
  • Configuration Change Automation
  • Network Insights for Cisco Nexus & Cisco ASAs
  • IOS Vulnerability Scanning
  • Compliance Assessment & Enforcement
  • Integration with NPM

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  • We have the honor of calling over half the Fortune 500 companies Loop1 clients
  • Our company has provided 3,300+ successful SolarWinds engagements since 2009
  • Loop1 has over 30 SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP) on staff
  • Our engineers have an average of 7 years of SolarWinds product experience per engineer

Derik Pfeffer Enterprise Technology Specialist - Loop1

Derik has been a trusted member of the Loop1 team for more than 8 years. As a Certified SolarWinds Professional, he has had more than his fair share of experience with the NCM product. Find a few of the more notable engagements below.

Natural Disasters

A client of Derik’s was the using Policy Checking “Compliance” to verify that the Network Team was configuring all of their devices using both external and internal drivers for standardization. With the help of NCM, they were able to quickly identify several systems that had recently been replaced due to lightning strikes and other environmental issue, that were not following company standards. It was determined that each of the devices were out of policy and the organization was able to take the appropriate steps to remediate the devices identified and bring them up to compliance standards.

Auditing Nightmares

When Derik started working with a particular client that was going through a Maintenance audit with Cisco, the person assigned to oversee the project was logging in to each system and running a series of commands like “show hardware” “show version” etc., to get the data needed to validate the information provided by Cisco.  As one could imagine, going from device to device to gather the information across hundreds, or even thousands, of devices was taking weeks to accomplish. Once Derik stepped in to help them deploy NCM and show them the proper scripts to execute, the organization was able to gather the necessary information in mass and save weeks of schedule work!

Cannons & Cowboys

Derik once worked with an organization that had a problem: they needed to wrangle in what were referred to as “wild cannons” or “cowboys” – employees that were making changes outside of the designated change process and control. After installing NCM and utilizing Real-Time Change Detection, the manager in charge was able to quickly identify who was making the changes on each devise. This allowed the org to correlate changes to approved change activities and reduce the number of instances where engineers were making unauthorized changes because they felt like it.

DISA STIG Compliance with SolarWinds NCM Training Brought to you By Loop1

Take a deep dive into SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) to learn more about some of its advanced features and capabilities. This training covers topics such as Configuration Management (manual / automatic), Inventory Management, and DISA STIG compliance. This unique course is the first of its kind and can only be found at Loop1.

This course will involve configuration (Self / Guided) of a Cisco switch in accordance with DISA STIG parameters. The students will be able to utilize their skills learned here to expand their reach to other devices and vendors.


This training has been developed primarily for US Department of Defense Information Security and Information Assurance professionals supporting compliance requirements using the DISA STIGs. Individuals who are interested in the power of SolarWinds NCM to accomplish multiple Configuration Management functions should attend this 3-day course.

*Although this is a network focus course, the individual does not need specific background in order to be successful in this course.


Students are welcome to bring an example of layer 2 switch configuration (Sanitized) to the course to discuss, configure, and develop Rules, Policies, and Reports that directly relate their organization. Please sanitize the configuration by removing SNMP (Strings / Keys), credentialing, passwords, and hashes to maintain the integrity of the organization. Students should consult their organizations Security Officer and Management prior to bringing in such a configuration.

Day 1 Agenda

  • Review Discovery of Nodes into SolarWinds, including custom properties development, NCM Credentials, and device templates
  • Manage violation levels: global device defaults, configuration management, script management, and configuration templates
  • Set up a Compliance dashboard that is customized to your needs, including the view layout and menu bars

Day 2 Agenda

  • Understanding compliance configuration rules, policies, and reports, including standard rules with NCM, import / export rules, and new rules
  • Configuration of rules, policies, and reports to audit a layer 2 switch against the DISA STIG
  • Techniques to defend an SAV or CCRI
  • The fundamentals of troubleshooting NCM

Day 3 Agenda

  • VLANs: Students will mitigate VLAN based STIGs for a Layer 2 Switch
  • Port Management: Students will mitigate Switch Interface based STIGs for a layer 2 switch
  • Inventory: Discussion on Inventory Management from an organizational and compliance point of view
  • Students will complete labs, Workbook exercises, and duscussions

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