NETWORK PERFORMANCE MONITOR (NPM) Achieve Full Visibility of Your Network

Get Answers Faster

Quick troubleshooting, boost in services levels, and less downtime

Hop Path Analysis

Implement hop path analysis for on-site, hybrid, and cloud services

PerfStack Technology

Utilize PerfStack data correlation to rapidly pinpoint network issues

Easy Customization

Get started immediately with out-of-the-box software installation, or optimize for your environment with customizable dashboards, alerts, and reports

Performance, Availability, and Fault Monitoring

Utilize network optimization software to pinpoint and remediate performance issues quickly, resulting in less downtime for your environment.

Hop Path Monitoring

The NetPath feature allows you to track performance and configuration details for devices and apps whether they are on-site, custom hybrid, or cloud based environments.

PerfStack Network Data Correlation

Rapid root cause identification by layering key performance metrics in a single location, making visual comparisons easy and effective.

Monitor the Health of your Hardware

Customized monitoring, alerting, and reporting on metrics that matter for you such as fan speed, temperature, and power supply.

Intelligent Mapping & Discovery

Discover and map important metrics instantly, then aggregate data to create visual representations of even the most complex environments.

Capacity Forecasting, Alerting, and Reporting Automation

Utilize customizable thresholds based on peak times and average usage to automatically calculate exhaustion dates.

In-Depth Monitoring for F5 BIG IP, Cisco ASA, Cisco Nexus, and other Major Environments

Use Network insight to monitor the performance and health of your F5 Service Delivery, Cisco ASA, and Cisco Nexus environments.

Monitor your Network in a Single Pane

NPM software allows you to create customizable views, dashboards, and reports to monitor your network easily all in one place.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is one of the most widely-used network monitoring tools in the entire Orion suite. This high-functioning, low-cost software will allow you to quickly identify, diagnose, and remediate network issues and outages. As both an authorized reseller and premier services partner, Loop1 can help you obtain your NPM license and deploy the tool, ensuring your investment in performing at its peak optimization for your environment.

Solarwinds Authorized Reseller
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

NPM at a Glance

  • Speed troubleshooting, increase service levels, and reduce downtime with multi-vendor network monitoring
  • New in Version 12.4: Measure the health of the logical network in addition to the physical network with Cisco® ACI support.
  • Help ensure service availability with health and performance monitoring of critical data center switches with Network InsightTM for Cisco Nexus®
  • Critical path hop-by-hop analysis for on-prem, hybrid, and cloud services
  • Cross-stack network data correlation for acceleration of problem identification
  • Improve operational efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports
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Why Should I Work with Loop1?

  • We have the honor of calling over half of the Fortune 500 companies Loop1 clients
  • Our company has provided 3,300+ successful SolarWinds engagements since 2009
  • Loop1 has over 30 SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP) on staff
  • Staffers have an average of 7 years of SolarWinds Product experience per engineer

Our clients get more than the average IT services client – We are the Loop. From start to finish, we have your back. First, one of our trusted advisors will guide you through the purchasing process. Then, our expert engineers will deploy your tool and help you optimize for your particular environment. Finally, our industry-leading instructors can train your team to utilize your SolarWinds investment to its fullest capacity. Speak with a Loop1 team member today to see what an NPM deployment can do for you!

Derik Pfeffer Enterprise Technology Specialist - Loop1

Derik has been a trusted member of the Loop1 team for more than 8 years. As a Certified SolarWinds Professional, he has had more than his fair share of experience with the NPM product. He took the time to share with us one the most impactful NPM engagements he has encountered over his career.

Spotty Support Coverage

Derik had a client that supported a medium to large sized network that only supported the network during their Business hours for 6am-6pm Monday to Friday. They were having issues with support after hours and weekends as they leveraged a 3rd party company to take on 1-2 level issue. The only time an issue should have been escalated to on-call personal was if a priority node was needed and they had completed all the necessary trouble shooting steps. Unfortunately, this process seemed to keep breaking down and they were getting escalation calls for non-priority items and issues not trouble shot correctly. After some discussions we were able to resolve this issue with the use of Custom Properties and adjusted alert scheduling. We created Custom Properties to tag nodes with the appropriate priority and the necessary steps to follow for troubleshooting the issue identified by the new alert structure.  This reduced the amount of after hours calls and provided some structure moving forward on alert handling by the 3rd party company.

Register for Orion 201: System Management & Monitoring Brought to you by Loop1

Loop1 offers a 4-day Advanced Orion Core 201 Training Class that covers NPM, NCM, SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, Dashboard & Views, and Custom SQL Alerts & Reports. This course is led by a SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) and provides students with hands-on experience and a working knowledge of the products. Our engineers work side-by-side with you as they teach fundamentals and capabilities of the SolarWinds software products. This public training is offered in a comfortable classroom environment or online through our virtual classroom portal.

The Loop1 SolarWinds Orion 201 training course instructs students on how to design and implement end-to-end application monitoring by leveraging SolarWinds products. This 4-day advanced course covers NPM, NCM, SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, Dashboard & Views, and Custom SQL Alerts & Reports, along with load balancing best practices, and advanced deployments for large organizations with multiple polling engines and the associated architecture.


The primary objective of this course is to help students evolve from basic up/down monitoring into a holistic end-to-end monitoring technique that allows organizations to pin-point the impact of performance issues or outages across complex application delivery environments. Each of the products in the 201 course brings specific data necessary to fully map application delivery and allow administrators to visualize and monitor failures with fully mapped relationships so the impact of any single failure can be fully understood immediately.


While our Orion 101 class is not a prerequisite, students will be more successful with a general understanding of the SolarWinds platform as this course will not cover installation and basic overviews. Students will also highly benefit from a basic understanding of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell languages, but neither is a requirement.

Day 1 Agenda

  • Orion Architecture Best Practices
    • Primary Polling Engine
    • Additional Polling Engines and Web Engines
    • SQL Server
  • Discovery of Nodes in the Enterprise
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring vs. custom pollers
    • Creation of Universal Device Pollers
    • Creation of Custom Device Studio Pollers
  • NetPath Configuration
  • Network Insight for F5 devices overview

Day 2 Agenda

  • Installation and Initial Configuration of NCM
    • Creating Customized Device Templates
    • Creating Customized Configuration Change Templates
    • Working with and Understanding Compliance
    • Overview of Change Approval Process
  • SAM Architecture Best Practices
    • Additional Polling Engines and Web Engines
    • SQL Server
  • Discovery of Applications in the Enterprise
  • AppInsight Templates vs Standard Templates
  • Custom Script Component Monitors
  • Baselining and Thresholds for Application Alerts

Day 3 Agenda

  • Initial Configuration of DPA
  • Integrating DPA with Orion and SAM
  • Configuration and Overview of WPM
  • Initial Configuration of VMAN and Integration with Orion
  • VMAN Management, Alerting, and Reporting from the Orion Platform
  • Configuration of SRM and alerting and Reporting with SRM data
  • Using Orion Maps to Create Hybrid Application Maps for the Enterprise
  • SolarWinds AppStack View Overview

Day 4 Agenda

  • Introduction to the Transact-SQL language and basic queries
  • Introduction to the Orion SQL Database schema
  • Custom SQL Reporting using both the Web Report Engine and the Orion Report Writer application
  • Custom SQL Alerts using the Web Alert Engine
  • Introduction to the SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL)

Let's Talk. Want to know if NPM is right for you? Have you already purchased NPM and need help with your install? Interested in training courses? Contact us today and we can answer all of your questions!

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