ORION 202: ADVANCED SERVER System Management and Monitoring

Day 1

Server & Application Monitoring (SAM)

Day 2

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)
Website Performance Monitor (WPM)

Day 3

Virtualization Manager (VMAN)
Storage Resources Monitor (SRM)
AppStack View
Application Maps

Day 4

Custom SQL Alerts and Reports

WHY PUBLIC TRAINING? The training is a comprehensive overview and detailed explanation of Solarwinds® modules for the “Server & Application” track. It is led by a seasoned engineer and former Solarwinds employee, with experience working on hundreds of unique Solarwinds® platforms.

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Learn the fundamentals of SolarWinds® tools
• Hands-on learning lab with customized equipment
• SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, AppStack View, Application Maps, and Custom SQL Alerts & Reports
• Breakfast and Lunch provided each training day
• Led by a Certified SolarWinds® Professional (SCP)

SolarWinds Training Classes Modules Covered - SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, Custom SQL Alerts and Reports

ORION CORE 202: ADVANCED SERVERS System Management and Monitoring

The Orion 202: Advanced Server class is geared towards students that have experience with the SolarWinds platform, but want to do a deep dive into topics such as: SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, and Custom SQL Alerting and Reporting.

While our Orion 101 class is not a prerequisite, students will be more successful with a general understanding of the SolarWinds platform as this course will not cover installation and basic overviews. Students will also highly benefit from a basic understanding of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell languages, but neither is a requirement.

Day 1: Server and Application Monitoring (SAM)

Orion Architecture Best Practices

  • Primary Polling Engine
  • Additional Polling Engines
  • Additional Web Engines
  • SQL Server

Discovery of Applications in the Enterprise

AppInsight Templates vs. Standard Templates

  • AppInsight for IIS and AppInsight for SQL applied

Custom Script Component Monitors

  • Hands-On creating custom PowerShell script monitors

Baselining and Thresholds for Application Alerts

Day 2: Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), and Website Performance Monitor (WPM)

Installation and Initial Configuration of DPA

Integration of DPA with Orion and SAM

  • Overview of DPA Capabilities
  • Monitoring Waits and Blocks
  • Alerting and Reporting from the DPA Web Console

Installation and Configuration of WPM

Overview of WPM Capabilities

  • User-Experience Monitoring Theories
  • Creating WPM transactions
  • Alerting and Reporting with WPM data

Day 3: Virtualization Manager (VMAN), Storage Resource Monitor (SRM), AppStack View, and Application Maps

Installation and initial Configuration of VMAN

Integration of VMAN with Orion

Installation and Configuration of SRM

  • VMAN Management, Alerting, and Reporting from the Orion platform

Alerting and Reporting with SRM data

Using Network Atlas to Create Hybrid Application Maps for the Enterprise

SolarWinds AppStack View Overview

Day 4: Custom SQL Alerts and Reporting

Introduction to the Transact-SQL language and basic queries

Introduction to the Orion SQL Database schema

Custom SQL Reporting using both the Web Report Engine and the Orion Report Writer application

Custom SQL Alerts using the Web Alert Engine

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