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tim before upgrading to orion 2020.2 tim after upgrading to solarwinds orion 2020.2

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Tim engaged Loop1 to take care of his Orion 2020.2 upgrade.

Tim is no longer glum!

Let Loop1 manage your upgrade process from as little as $2201

Our experienced, SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) engineers can manage the upgrade process for you. This is their life blood. They do this day in, day out, and have a vast amount of experience in helping Loop1 clients upgrade their SolarWinds environment, from small deployments to large, with multiple products, and additional polling engines, across multiple environments.

No infrastructure is too complex for Loop1!

1Exclusions apply. Eligibility for $220 upgrade offer will be determined following analysis of Orion Insights Report.

Be like Tim—don’t miss out!

No matter which products you have; NPM, NTA, SAM, DPA… every product has new features available in the Orion 2020.2 release—improved performance, bug fixes, enhanced scalability across the entire stack; all of which you have already paid for, and could be benefitting from today!

Check out Loop1’s Top 5 Orion 2020.2 highlights below.

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performance enhancements in orion 2020.2

Performance Enhancements

  • Improved login experience, with up to 96% faster load times to the login page2
  • Orion Web interface optimizations and improvements
  • Improved query and database maintenance performance
enhanced volume status in orion 2020.2

Enhanced Volume Status

  • Individual Warning/Critical thresholds per volume
  • New option to ‘override Orion global thresholds’—define your own unique warning and critical thresholds
new dynamic maps in orion 2020.2

New Dynamic Maps

  • Create & customize text boxes, labels, or layouts
  • Incorporate custom icons, shapes, dynamic backgrounds
  • Track historical changes to maps using time travel
modern dashboards in orion 2020.2

Modern Dashboards

  • Powerful new custom, data-driven, summary dashboards
  • Provides greater level of flexibility over how dashboard data is displayed
  • Add widgets, specify the widget type (KPI, Proportional, Table, Timeseries)
network insights feature in orion 2020.2

Network Insights™ Features

  • Comprehensive monitoring for advanced network devices
  • Visualize and gain insight into the health and performance of your F5® BIG-IP® load
    balancers, Cisco ASA, and Palo Alto Networks® firewalls, and Cisco Nexus switches

296% faster loading of the login page from NPM v.2019.4, as verified in SolarWinds lab. Actual improvement may vary.

Check out the following performance enhancements in Orion 2020.2 vs 2019.4! Eliminating 'Cold Start', Summary & Node Details View, All Active Alerts & All Reports, and Modern Dashboards

Eliminating ‘Cold Start’

‘Cold Start’ is similar to starting your car in the morning. It will take some time to warm up after being left idle for an extended period. In some cases for Orion this could be more than 20 seconds! While still faster than warming up your car, it can feel like an eternity when looking at a blank page! For those who want more detail here, we have made some changes under the hood as to how the Orion IIS Application Pool recycling is managed.

In testing, eliminating ‘Cold Start’ delivered a 96% improvement!3

Eliminating Cold Sart


Orion Summary 2019.4 Orion Summary 2020.2

Summary and Node Details Views

Load times of the Summary and Node Details Views, along with the All Reports and All Active Alerts pages have been improved. Summary view optimization has resulted in an average 35% improvement in lab tests3


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All Active Alerts & All Reports

Although not as fast as an engine management indication on a car’s dashboard, The Active alerts page was on average 67% faster in testing3


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Active Alerts 2019.4 Active Alerts 2020.2
Modern Dashboards 2019.4 Modern Dashboards 2020.2

Modern Dashboards

Modern dashboards have been created with performance in mind. A simple comparison between a modern dashboard and classic summary view using the same data for 3 widgets shows a marked improvement3


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3Performance improvements of Orion Platform 2020.2 verified in SolarWinds lab against the previous version. Actual improvements may vary.

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