Loop1 exists to serve its clients, partners, and employees as part of a global channel ecosystem that needs functional principles and Rules of Engagement.

We are a global SolarWinds sales, services, sales enablement, technical enablement, and classroom training partner.

As a global SolarWinds partner, Loop1 invests continuously in growing the SolarWinds market through channel initiated new business, new logos, and cross-sell/up-sell in the following ways:

  1. as a dedicated services partner investing in marketing and events, providing pre-sales and post-sales support globally to channel partners and end-users
  2. partnering with existing distributors and their reseller networks, to provide SolarWinds services, education, enablement, and classroom training
  3. as a reseller for Loop1 direct clients when no other reseller is present
  4. as a classroom training partner to drive SCP training and certification for end-users and the channel as an extension of SolarWinds Academy
Partnership Rules of Engagement Loop1:
  • recognizes the fundamental principles of non-compete and incumbent account ownership
  • supports incumbent partners in the SolarWinds deal registration process
  • respects confidentiality of all parties’ commercial and technical agreements
  • abides by commercial non-solicitation principles with all parties
  • will direct customers to SolarWinds for resolution if approached to engage directly
  • executes Smart Start engagements according to all SolarWinds terms and requirements
  • acts as an extension of SolarWinds partner enablement
  • seeks opportunities to collaboratively cross-sell and up-sell licensing through incumbent
    partners whilst protecting SolarWinds deals from other competitors
  • operates proactively in accounts and liaises with all parties on competitive pricing situations
  • always operates ethically and in good faith
We are greater than me
We are purposeful
We do the right thing

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