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Loop1 offers SolarWinds public training class dates for IT professionals focused on the SolarWinds portfolio of products—in particular, the Orion Platform.

Classes cover all the core modules, and range from fundamental level, through intermediate, to advanced. Learn about your SolarWinds Orion product deployment, configuration, and more in a comfortable classroom environment or attend one of our instructor-led virtual classes.

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SolarWinds training from Loop1 is firmly based on practical experience and professional delivery. When not leading training classes, our instructors, all of whom are SolarWinds Certified Professionals, work on a variety of consultancy projects for clients, which has enabled them to gain a broad knowledge of the day-to-day challenges of implementing, configuring and managing SolarWinds systems of varying scopes and sizes. They bring all this considerable knowledge and experience to the classroom.

SolarWinds Certified Professional

SCP Exam Preparation

Loop1 provides a range of dedicated classes to help IT professionals prepare for the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) exams. Ensure you have the skills needed to effectively manage network, systems and applications, and/or security, and compliance issues in your SolarWinds environment.

Loop1’s training covers preparation for all SolarWinds SCP exams that are publicly available, including Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Architecture & Design (A&D), and Network Configuration Manager (NCM). Once you have completed Loop1’s SCP certification training, you will be well prepared to take the exams.

Develop expertise in the SolarWinds Orion platform with instructor-led training from Loop1

Current Curriculum

Orion 101 Introduction to SolarWinds

5-day ▪ classroom or virtual

Orion 101  provides a comprehensive overview and detailed explanation of the following Orion core modules: NPM,

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The class is designed for students of all knowledge levels—it introduces the features and best practices to users who are new to Orion products, as well as diving into advanced configuration options and scenarios for the more advanced user.

Orion 201 System Management & Monitoring

4-day ▪ classroom or virtual

Orion 201 instructs students on how to design and implement end-to-end application monitoring by leveraging

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 SolarWinds products.

This advanced class covers NPM, NCM, SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, Custom SQL Alerts, and Reports. It is designed to help students evolve from basic up/down monitoring to a more holistic end-to-end approach that enables organizations to pinpoint the impact of performance issues or outages across complex application delivery environments.

Orion 301 Automation and SDK

3-day ▪ virtual

The Orion 301: Automation and SDK class is geared towards students that already have extensive experience

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with the SolarWinds platform but want to deep dive into topics such as Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and the Orion Software Development Kit (SDK).

Loop1 recommends the Orion 201: System Management & Monitoring class as a prerequisite to provide students with an advanced understanding of the SolarWinds platform as the 301 class will not cover installation and basic overviews. Students will also be expected to have a basic knowledge of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell languages.

Security Event Manager Installation & Advanced

2 (half) days ▪ virtual

The SEM class guides students through the installation and configuration process of the Virtual Appliance, SEM Console,

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 and Report Console.

The class covers working with Agents & Connectors, linking SEM to Active Directory, monitoring real-time activity & filters, working with custom & built-in rules, and using the SEM Reports Viewer.

Web Help Desk Installation & Advanced

2 (half) days ▪ virtual

The WHD class provides students with an introduction to the IT Service Management (ITSM) tool and dives a

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little deeper into many of the complex features.

The class will highlight advanced capabilities and share best practices.

The class covers initial configuration, ticket routing & approval, change advisory board, assets review, parts & billing, reporting options and knowledge base.

Solar Flare Coder Camp

2 (half) days ▪ virtual

The Solar Flare Coder Camp is not just theory and concepts, it provides practical, hands-on coding experience

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that will deliver results today.

Acquire the fundamental skills you need to build your own operational solutions with actual examples using the SolarWinds REST API, PowerShell, SWQL Studio, and much more.

NCM Compliance Network Configuration & Compliance

2 (half) days ▪ classroom or virtual

The NCM compliance class takes a deeper dive into Network Change Management to help students learn

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 more about some of its special features and capabilities.

Configuring such topics as Compliance, Configuration Management (manual/auto), & Inventory Management will be fully covered. The class also reviews configuration of a Cisco Switch in accordance with DISA STIG parameters, enabling students to apply this to other devices and vendors.

Server & Application Monitor SAM

3 (half) days ▪ classroom or virtual

The SAM class provides students with the opportunity to learn comprehensive server & application monitoring

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principles. Gain hands on experience creating new templates, working with SAM component monitors, and developing techniques for determining how to monitor the various layers of business services and applications.

Access Rights Manager Installation & Advanced Configuration

3 (half) days ▪ virtual

The Access Rights Manager class will provide an introduction to ARM covering installation, system configuration and

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administration of the components that make up the ARM architecture. The class will review important features, share best practices and provide instruction on some of the more advanced admin configurations.

Network Performance Monitor NPM

4 (half) days ▪ classroom or virtual

The NPM class provides students with the opportunity to discover the network monitoring, alerting, and reporting

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features of SolarWinds NPM. Gain experience in building Orion Maps, and learn best practices for presenting Orion data visually for both business application status, and geographic mapping. Learn how to create and modify properties, groups, dependencies, views, and custom pollers.

SCP Exam Prep NPM, NTA, NCM, and

3 to 4 (half) days ▪ classroom or virtual

Loop1 provides a range of dedicated classes to help IT pros prepare for the SolarWinds Certified Professional

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(SCP) exams. Each module is covered in its own 3 to 4 half day class—NPM, NTA, NCM, and SAM.

Prepare for your SCP certification with Loop1, to improve your marketability as an IT professional and stand out from the crowd.

Customized Training Tailored to Meet Specific Learning Requirements.

classroom or virtual

At Loop1, we recognize that off-the-shelf training isn’t right for everyone, and many clients benefit from our

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customized SolarWinds training, tailored to meet their specific training requirements and production environment.

Check out the full schedule of global public training classes for 2021

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