Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Public Training Class

This 3 (half) days class provides students with the opportunity to learn comprehensive server and application monitoring principles.

The class is offered over a 3 consecutive (half) days and covers all Server and Application Monitor functionality and features provided.

Students will be able to take what they learn daily and immediately relate it to their production environments.

Students gain hands on experience creating new templates, working with SAM component monitors, and developing techniques for determining how to monitor the various layers of business services and applications.

The 3 (half) days will cover the following topics.

Understanding SAM Prerequisites
  • SAM licensing
  • Application Discovery


Populating SAM nodes into Orion


Understanding Orion SAM Components & Templates
  • SAM Component Monitors
    • Windows Based Components
    • Synthetic Transactions – User Experience Monitors
    • Linux/Unix Script Monitors
  • Assigning Application Monitor Templates
  • Understanding Orion SAM Credentials
  • SAM Component Monitor


Understanding Alerting with Orion SAM


Working with Orion SAM Objects in Orion Maps
  • Including Applications & Component Status in Maps

Meet the Instructor

Lorenzo Brizeño

Lorenzo Brizeño has spent more than 29 years in the IT industry—10 of those with SolarWinds, in technical support initially, and then moving on to become a sales engineer. In 2019, he moved with his family to Cedar Park, TX, and joined Loop1 as a technical trainer, deciding to put to good use his talent for spreading knowledge.

Lorenzo’s background in teaching is varied, from instructing individuals in Salsa dance, to teaching IT professionals how to make practical use of software in their environment. He has a total of 12 years in instructional training and is continually searching for new ways to help impart that knowledge in an effective and enjoyable way. Lorenzo currently holds 5 SCP’s—plus he is actively working toward his sixth.

In his spare time, Lorenzo enjoys catching up on the latest football stats, traveling as often as he can, dancing with his wife, and watching his daughter grow and change daily.

Darryl Drinkwater

Darryl has spent the whole of his working career focused on the Management and Monitoring of IT Systems and networks, often within secured environments. He has been working with SolarWinds software for more than 20 years, and currently holds all 8 available SCP’s, as well as being a SolarWinds Channel Champion.

Darryl has a background in training and development, with a post-graduate award from Cambridge University and a Fellowship from the Learning & Performance Institute. He has an evangelists zeal for implementing consistent, accurate and effective system monitoring following ITIL guidelines.

A typical week for Darryl consists of 50% end-user training and 50% consultancy provision for clients of all sizes and across all industry sectors. Darryl is a frequent participant and invited speaker at trade shows and conferences.

Mike Nichol is a Client Solutions Architect at Loop1 in Australia. Mike has been with Loop1 for 2 years, working extensively with the SolarWinds network management products, incl. NPM, NCM, NTA, VNQM, SAM, EOC, IPAM, and Syslog. He also has a vast amount of experience working with Cisco collaboration and cloud solutions and Microsoft technologies.

Prior to joining Loop1, Mike spent 14 years at Telstra Corporation, designing, costing, and implementing corporate networking solutions, with a focus on network infrastructure, server and storage, telecommunications and collaboration, teleconferencing and user computing.

In his spare time, Mike loves to travel and particularly enjoys immersing himself in different cultures—he recently spent time volunteering at a school in Indonesia while on a business trip to Jakarta, and very much hopes to have the opportunity to do this again

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