SERVER & APPLICATION MONITOR (SAM) Detect and Troubleshoot Performance Issues Faster

Easy to Use

Manage your entire application environment using a single tool with more than 12,000 templates to make your life easier

Cloud Compatible

Closely monitor server hardware and cloud health, implement capacity forecasting, and manage asset inventory with fully functional app monitoring for cloud platforms

PerfStack Technology

Find issues faster by utilizing the PerfStack feature included in your SAM tool

Optimized Performance

Improve communication between applications & servers to pinpoint network issues impacting performance

Application Performance Monitoring

With more than 12,000 supported application templates, SAM gives you the flexibility to start monitoring right out of the box or customize existing scripts to fit your environment’s needs

Dependency Mapping for App Infrastructure

Utilize the AppStack dashboard to get detailed insights about your IT infrastructure servers, virtual machines, and storage systems. These comprehensive views of your environment will help identify problems sooner

Expedite Issue Discovery & Resolution with PerfStack

The PerfStack dashboard allows you to compare data side by side to draw informed conclusions. Whether you are looking at utilization, performance, or storage IOPS, you can drag / drop data sets to view, compare, and analyze in real time

Cloud Application Monitoring

SAM will support cloud monitoring efforts with or without an agent, and by using information from the APIs of of your cloud providers based on the best option for your environment and resources

Dynamic Maps

Is app slowdown caused by a problem in the application itself? Ot is it because of a problem with a dependent system? SAM will automatically determine the root problem to discover any network related issues before they escalate

Server Monitoring & Capacity Planning

Guarantee optimal server performance by monitoring availability, response time, storage volumes, usage, and capacity across your entire network in a single pane

Virtualization Monitoring

Install SAM alongside physical servers to monitor VMware and Hyper-V virtual hosts and guests. Find out if the issues are within the app or the virtual environment and start troubleshooting sooner

Asset Inventory Management

Maintenance centralized views of both hardware and software assets that include server warranty status, driver software, hard drive inventory, and customer properties that pertain to your specific industry

Correlated Alerts & Reporting

Get the data you want, when you want it. SAM provides insights into your environment with advanced alerting and expert advice all in a single, easy-to-use interface. You will have the ability to make informed decisions and focus on the issues that matter most to your specific environment

Server & Application Monitor (SAM) by SolarWinds can aid you in your monitoring efforts. Unresponsive applications and lag times are not beneficial to anyone. SAM allows you to detect issues and troubleshoot sooner allowing you to focus on the things your company does best. As both an authorized reseller and premier services partner, Loop1 can help you obtain your SAM license and deploy the tool, ensuring your investment in performing at its peak optimization for your environment.

Solarwinds Authorized Reseller
Take a Deep Dive Into Systems & Application Monitoring AppInsight templates help you achieve deep visibility to identify complex problems across a number of platforms
  • Exchange: Monitor mailbox activity to identify and remediate issues
  • ISS: Audit website availability and application pools, report on SSL certificate expiration, and utilize remote access to control application pools
  • SQL Server: Keep track of connections, sessions, database transactions, disk I/O, storage, latches, locks, SQL agent job status, and more!
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Why Should I Work with Loop1?

  • We have the honor of calling over half of the Fortune 500 companies Loop1 Clients
  • Our company has provided 3,300+ successful SolarWinds engagements since 2009
  • Loop1 has more than 30 Certified SolarWinds Professionals (SCPs) on Staff, including 5 THWACK MVPs
  • Our engineers have an average of 7 years of SolarWinds product experience per engineer on staff

Derik Pfeffer Enterprise Technology Specialist - Loop1

Derik has been a trusted member of the Loop1 team for more than 8 years. As a Certified SolarWinds Professional, he has had more than his fair share of experience with the SAM product. Find a few of the more notable engagements below.

Gold Service Standard

Derik recently worked with an organization that had a Gold Service Component in their own client offering covering monitoring, alerting, leveraging scripts, and email notifications. If a client purchased the gold tier, they would take steps to add a SAM 100 – 300, based on the size of the client environment. This was solely to monitor, notify, and take scripted actions to recover the Applications installed as part of their offerings. Notifications were key to when the automation was initiated, completed, or failed and required escalations to on call technician. Clients with Gold Service were more prepared for unforeseen issues thanks to SAM.

Templates to the Rescue

When Derik installed Window Service and Counters Monitoring Template into a client’s environment and ran the script, it highlighted failure for Page File Usage on 6 out of the 10 test nodes we had added to their Orion instance. The Client said that would be impossible since they built their Windows servers using a template. After some investigation, not only was the template correct and these servers were missing the Page File functionality, it identified a much larger issue. This prompted the immediate add of all servers into Orion for this monitoring as well as updating the windows build template so that all new servers were being imaged correctly and not continue deploying incorrect builds to application owners.

Orion 201: System Management & Monitoring Brought to you by Loop1

Loop1 offers a 4-day Advanced Server Training Class that covers NPM, NCM, SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, Dashboard & Views, and Custom SQL Alerts & Reports. This course is led by a SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) and provides students with hands-on experience and a working knowledge of the products. Our engineers work side-by-side with you as they teach the fundamentals and capabilities of the SolarWinds software products. Public training is offered in a comfortable classroom setting or online through our virtual classroom portal.


The Orion 202: Advanced Server class is geared towards students that have experience with the SolarWinds platform, but want to do a deep dive into topics such as: NPM, NCM, SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM, Dashboard & Views, and Custom SQL Alerts & Reports.

While our Orion 101 class is not a prerequisite, students will be more successful with a general understanding of the SolarWinds platform as this course will not cover installation and basic overviews. Students will also highly benefit from a basic understanding of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell languages, but neither is a requirement.


Students will design and implement end-to-end application monitoring techniques in a hands-on learning lab with customized equipment. Topics covered will include: SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN SRM, and Custom SQL Alerts & Reports. On-site attendees with enjoy a provided breakfast and lunch each training day and a special happy hour sponsored by Loop1 on Wednesday evening.

Day 1 Agenda

  • Orion Architecture Best Practices
    • Primary Polling Engine
    • Additional Polling Engines and Web Engines
    • SQL Server
  • Discovery of Nodes in the Enterprise
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring vs. custom pollers
    • Creation of Universal Device Pollers
    • Creation of Custom Device Studio Pollers
  • NetPath Configuration
  • Network Insight for F5 devices overview

Day 2 Agenda

  • Installation and Initial Configuration of NCM
    • Creating Customized Device Templates
    • Creating Customized Configuration Change Templates
    • Working with and Understanding Compliance
    • Overview of Change Approval Process
  • SAM Architecture Best Practices
    • Additional Polling Engines and Web Engines
    • SQL Server
  • Discovery of Applications in the Enterprise
  • AppInsight Templates vs Standard Templates
  • Custom Script Component Monitors
  • Baselining and Thresholds for Application Alerts

Day 3 Agenda

  • Initial Configuration of DPA
  • Integrating DPA with Orion and SAM
  • Configuration and Overview of WPM
  • Initial Configuration of VMAN and Integration with Orion
  • VMAN Management, Alerting, and Reporting from the Orion Platform
  • Configuration of SRM and alerting and Reporting with SRM data
  • Using Orion Maps to Create Hybrid Application Maps for the Enterprise
  • SolarWinds AppStack View Overview

Day 4 Agenda

  • Introduction to the Transact-SQL language and basic queries
  • Introduction to the Orion SQL Database schema
  • Custom SQL Reporting using both the Web Report Engine and the Orion Report Writer application
  • Custom SQL Alerts using the Web Alert Engine
  • Introduction to the SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL)

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