SOLAR FLARE The 1-Day Coder Camp

Nth AmericasMay 28th$950
UKJune 3rd£650
EMEAJune 3rd€750
APJJune 17thA$900
All above prices are exclusive of local sales tax.

Connect IT, Program IT, Query IT, Automate IT, Present IT

Course Instructor: Steven Klassen


Putting a username and password in your code isn’t the only option. Learn how to securely authenticate with SolarWinds and keep your credentials safe.

Create Nodes and Discover Interfaces

Eliminate the gap between a new node being created in your CDMB and getting it added to SolarWinds.

Unmanage and Mute Objects

Maintenance windows shouldn’t be difficult and we’ll show you how to keep your alerting from affecting your uptime when they’re being patched.

Create Discoveries

Regularly running discoveries is great, but initially creating them and then keeping them updated calls for automation.

Remove Unwanted Objects

SolarWinds is very good at adding new elements for monitoring; in this section we’ll show you how to remove the things that got swept up in the mix that you definitely don’t need.

Assign UnDP to nodes

Data coming from UnDP is great, but determining which devices return valid information and then assigning the poller to them takes precious cycles none of us can spare – we’ll show you how to automate that.

Write SWQL Queries

SolarWinds is efficiently gathering some pretty great information; let us teach you how to get it back out. If you have a SQL background, we can build on that. If not, that’s okay too.

Update objects

Take control of your SolarWinds configuration, align your hostnames, keep your custom properties updated and balance your polling between your most and least important devices.
We will show you how to do this and much much more. Invest in your own skills and wring every bit of service out of those systems.

This one-day course is not theory and concepts. . . it is practical, hands-on coding that will get results today. Acquire the fundamental skills you need to build your own operational solutions with actual examples using the SolarWinds REST API, PowerShell, SWQL and SWQL Studio, and much more.

Steven Klassen Programmer Analyst

Meet Steven

An outgoing introvert with over 20 years of experience in automation, most recently integrating SolarWinds software with other products already owned by the customer. The programming languages and technologies vary, but the constant is the connection with the stakeholders, making sure that at the end of the day they’re happy with what we’ve produced together. Just as comfortable working with management as the engineer in the trenches, every engagement is an opportunity to try, fail, and try again, taking the wins and propagating them by tweet, blog, or classroom.

Living in the Pacific Northwest since 2001, married to the amazing Kayla Klassen, and regularly making SolarWinds software do our clients’ bidding on behalf  Loop1.

He enjoys learning new programming languages, technologies, APIs, and just about anything else. Currently most work done in PowerShell, C#, and Python with a little shell scripting as needed. His very favorite thing to do is breaking down a technical concept into easy-to-learn bits by spinning analogies.Like many, Steve listens to music while he works, and that usually consists of whatever the Biebs has put out recently along with anything and everything written between ’84 and ’95.
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