2-Day Virtual Training

Our singular focus on SolarWinds technologies and our specialized training best prepares our client’s staff to utilize their investment to their specific business needs and unique network challenges.

WHY PUBLIC TRAINING? The training is a comprehensive overview and detailed explanation of SolarWinds® modules for the “Security Event Manager” track. It is led by a Certified SolarWinds Professional (SCP), with experience working on hundreds of unique SolarWinds® platforms.

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Learn the fundamentals of SolarWinds® tools
• Hands-on learning lab with customized equipment
• Breakfast and Lunch provided each training day
• Led by a Certified SolarWinds® Professional (SCP)

Virtual Appliance Deployment & SEM Manager

We will guide you through the installation process of the Virtual Appliance, SEM Console, and Report Console

Working with Agents & Connectors

Understanding the process of managing the SEM Agents and connector nodes, including installation, configuration, and troubleshooting

Integration: Linking SEM to Active Directory

Examining the process of connecting the SEM Agent to your active directory to track user and group authentication errors and failures, and more.

Monitor Real-Time Activity & Filters

The robust SEM Console includes many built-in filters. We will examine those as well as custom filters to monitor events

Custom & Built-In Rules

Within the SEM Console, we will cover how to not only monitor, but also setup responses to insecure and non-compliant user activity

Using the SEM Reports Viewer

We will review the pre-configured reports, understand how to schedule, filter and run reports, and explore customized reporting

Security Event Manager (SEM): 2-Day Virtual Training

Day 1: Installation and Basic Configuration

1.1 Installation of SEM

  • Architecture considerations for SEM Appliance size
  • Agent and non-Agent nodes
  • Connectors

1.2 Authentication Settings

  • SSO Overview

1.3 LDAP Configuration

1.4 SMTP Settings

1.5 SEM Console and SEM Reports applications installation

1.6 Syslogs and Windows Auditing Policies

  • Cisco Syslog Configuration Examples
  • Windows Default Domain and Default Domain Controller Audit Policies

1.7 Group Types

  • Connector Profiles
  • Event Groups
  • Directory Service Groups
  • User Defined Groups
  • Time of Day Sets

1.8 Ops Center Dashboard and Widget Design

1.9 Creating Filters

Day 2: Advanced Configuration

2.1 In-depth Searches and Scheduled Reports

2.2 Rules and Automated Actions

  • Email Templates

2.3 CMC Access and Overview

2.4 SEM Reports Application

  • Restricting Access
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Custom Filtered Reports

All Loop1 Public Training Classes are led by Certified SolarWinds Professionals (SCP). Students will experience our hands-on learning lab, fully equipped with their very own Orion server to practice on! Attendees will gain knowledge and experience from the collective intelligence of the entire cohort, with opportunities to mingle and network for in-person students.

With more than 3,300 SolarWinds engagements since 2009, Loop1 is an industry leader and a must-have when it comes to training your team on SolarWinds Environments.

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