Web Help Desk – More Than Just Ticketing

If you are getting ready to or if you have just purchased the Hosted SolarWinds® Web Help Desk (WHD), this would be a great time to consider taking advantage of its larger potential and scope.

Many of the new helpdesk/ticketing systems look great on the surface but turn out to be limited due to a direct tradeoff between “Configurability” and “Simplicity.”  It is no secret that finding the right balance can be a real challenge.

The WHD hosted version offers greater configurability and scope and has the capacity to allow all the entities in your organization to support their internal and external clients/customers with much more efficiency.

Instead of just an IT ticketing system, why not consider it an “Issue Management Solution” that allows all departments in the company to support all their clients more efficiently.

Path A: Just an IT Ticketing System

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the single IT department approach when starting off, but keep in mind, Web Help Desk is not confined to just IT.  To plan for the future, however, if you are using Web Help Desk only as an “IT” solution, you may want to consider creating a Parent Request Type “IT” and place all your IT Child Request Types below that.  This way if and when the time comes to allow other departments to support their clients with the system, you will be ready. See the single IT department approach below:

Path B: Hosted Web Help Desk Starting Small and Growing into a Company or Enterprise Solution:

One of the great things about this approach is that you can move at your own pace. You can start with just IT, and then later incorporate other internal operations or plant locations, departments and other entities on your own timeline.

Web Help Desk is scalable all the way from just a local business’s IT department, to an entire enterprise of any size. Controlling projects, priorities and workflow is so important but being able to see it all in an organized way that makes sense, is crucial. And, if it is good for one department, it is good for the entire organization no matter the size.  See the enterprise example below.

Either way, being able to support a business culture including all levels, Lean or otherwise, regardless of size or complexity, is just one of the areas where Web Help Desk truly shines.

Think about Hosted Web Help Desk and this specific approach when you think about future growth and how to manage it all without having to jump from one solution to another.  Also consider its Asset, Parts, FAQ, Knowledge Base, Active Directory, PO and Billing features.  All this in one easy to manage package.

Barry Harris
WHD Engineer


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