SolarWinds 101: Introduction to SolarWinds

Public Training Class

The Orion 101: Introduction to SolarWinds 5-day class takes an in depth look at NPM, NCM, NTA, SAM, IPAM, UDT, VNQM, SRM, SCM.

The Loop1 Orion 101: Introduction to SolarWinds training class is geared toward students of all knowledge levels. The objectives covered in the class will both introduce the features and best practices to users who are new to Orion products and will dive into advanced configuration options and scenarios intended for the more advanced user.

The instructor will query students on their specific deployments and aid students in understanding how a specific feature or best practice can be most effectively leveraged in their production environment. Time-permitting, the instructor may have students share their production with the class to be used in a real-world training scenario.

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