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2016/01/12 12:00:00

Use SolarWinds products like a Jedi

  • Advanced Alerting

    The SolarWinds web interface is truly a sandbox by design. There are many options available for creating uniquely customized dashboards which can provide your end-users with a much more streamlined and useful product.

  • Custom SQL Reporting

    Alerting within any NMS solution can be a daunting and sometimes frustrating task. By leveraging all of the capabilities available within the SolarWinds platform, you can make alerting much more intelligent and effective.

  • Advanced Dashboard Design

    While SolarWinds products offer numerous basic reports, it sometimes becomes necessary to leverage SQL/SWQL Kung-Fu to get the data you want.  Everything from business hours reports across multiple time zones and advanced trend analysis can be achieved with a strong understanding of the database backend and some SQL/SWQL skills.

  • Helpdesk System Integration

    Integration between NMS solutions and helpdesk software is a critical component of any well-oiled IT department.  By leveraging the advanced alerting capabilities and the comprehensive data collected by the SolarWinds applications, helpdesk software integration becomes a much simpler hurdle to overcome.

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