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  • A remote session link will be issued by the designated Loop1 Engineer. If it is not received one business day prior to the start of your engagement, please reach out to your point of contact. Select the platform you would prefer to use:
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    Loop1 is taking a proactive approach to guiding our staff as they re-enter our client work place locations. It is the client's responsibility to follow CDC and WHO recommendations during the engagement for the safety of both Loop1 as well as the staff of the client.
  • All intended systems will be prepared and ready for the installation/implementation and deployment prior to the engagement. This Includes but is not limited to the appropriate hardware, database and/or VMs being available. Valid software keys for SolarWinds Products has been purchased and is accessible. SolarWinds server has direct access to the internet and desktop access or Remote Desktop to the SolarWinds server is provided. If no direct internet access is available an alternative method for transferring license activation files must be made available. Nodes to be monitored must be SNMP enabled and have valid SNMP Community Strings. A device list with management IP addresses should be provided. All hardware must meet minimum system requirements: Loop1 can recommend specs upon request.
  • Loop1 will require local administrator access to all systems and SQL administrator access to the SQL server during the engagement. If access is not provided to the Loop1 Consultant, the Loop1 consultant will require a resource, which will be made available while the solution deployment is in progress, whom can authenticate as local administrator on the intended systems as well as SQL administrator on the SQL server.
  • For optimal benefit from the engagement activities, participants should have a basic understanding for the following concepts: basic networking connectivity and device types (routers, switches, firewalls, servers), IP addressing, subnets, TCP/IP, SNMP and ICMP.
  • Client is responsible for addressing the items listed in the provided Assumptions and Dependencies document to ensure successful completion of the project.
  • The engagement will be considered confirmed once necessary information has been collected from the client. At that time a calendar invitation will be sent out. This invitation will act as confirmation of the engagement dates. Cancellations/date changes must be submitted to TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the start of any engagement. If a cancellation or reschedule must take place within 2 weeks of the engagement it will be subject to: fees equal to non-refundable booked travel, travel change fees AND $650 per day of cancelled scheduled days to recover base costs. Additionally, please note that Loop1 Professional Service engagements should not exceed 8 hours of working time per day. If the full 8 hours is not used in a day, the remaining time is lost. If more than 8 hours is needed, client must contact Marie ODonoghue for approval prior to exceeding 8 hours. For EU / Clients purchasing services in anything other than the U.S. Dollar. If a customer wishes to cancel OR reschedule a booked engagement, they will be subject to the following change fees: Change fee of 40% of the daily rate. This daily rate will be outlined on the corresponding services quote from which the order was placed. Please review the full list of Terms and Conditions here:

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