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Enhance Your Database Health: Book your Database Health Check today!

Boost your database health from as little as $2001

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As a dedicated network engineer, you know the pivotal role a healthy database plays in ensuring the smooth operation of your IT environment. At Loop1, in partnership with DBG Software, we’re dedicated to optimizing your database performance. Introducing our Database Health Check package, it offers flexible pricing tailored to your needs.

What’s included?

Our comprehensive package covers a range of crucial aspects to ensure your database is operating at its peak performance. Our seasoned database administrators will conduct an in-depth analysis tailored to your unique requirements.

Flexible Pricing Options: Choose What You Need

Tailor the Database Health Check to your needs. Check all tasks on the list for $1,500 per instance or select individual tasks at $200 per instance. Save more with volume discounting for each additional instance.2

DBG Software
With a remarkable track record of driving company-wide improvements, DBG Software excels in establishing, mentoring, and managing database health and performance for a diverse range of software applications catering to extensive customer bases. Their expertise lies in database performance optimization, enhancing end-user experiences, minimizing hardware upgrade costs, providing insightful solutions, and implementing best practices to achieve optimal performance.

1 $200 per task item per instance, or $1,500 for all tasks on the list per instance

2 up to a cap of 5%

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