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Comprehensive health assessment of your SolarWinds environment

Comprehensive, in-depth health assessment to ensure your Orion platform is performing at optimum levels and certified secure

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Loop1’s SolarWinds Health Check—powered by L1M3, provides a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of your environment to ensure your Orion Platform is configured to perform at optimum levels.

A healthy platform that is fine-tuned, configured for your environment, up-to-date, feature-complete, and secure in delivery, is far better equipped to meet your IT Operations Management (ITOM) requirements—today, and in the future.

A Loop1 SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) engineer will conduct a comprehensive review of all aspects of your SolarWinds environment from the underlying architecture, to how SolarWinds was deployed, configured, and even how your IT pros are using the platform—all are assessed against our documented best practices based on our L1M3* methodology.

Upon completion, a detailed report and action plan are provided, highlighting any issues and areas for concern, and recommending areas for improvement (immediate, mid-term, long-term), and providing insight into the maturity of your IT Operations Management.

* L1M3—Loop1 Monitoring Maturity Model (LIME)

Shift your ITOM Maturity from Ad-Hoc to Insightful

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Know where you are today, and where you want to go, with L1M3.

L1M3 was created as a standard reference to help IT organizations assess current monitoring maturity and build a roadmap to achieve desired business outcomes. Adopting L1M3 improves technology investments’ performance by leveraging IT tools and operational data to better inform business services that drive insightful decisions leading to positive impacts on financial outcomes, and enlightened long-term strategic planning.

Are you confident your Orion Platform is secure?

Secure Configuration for the Orion Platform certified by Loop1

Receive a letter signed by Loop1’s CEO to confirm that your SolarWinds environment is configured and operating securely with Loop1’s stamp of approval.

In response to the SUNBURST attack affecting the SolarWinds Orion Platform late in 2020, Loop1 has developed a new ‘Certified Secure Orion’ program for SolarWinds clients, that comes as standard with our Health Check. We will audit and remediate (where change control permits and within the scope of the Health Check) your Orion deployment against SolarWinds documented best practices, and certify* your environment as secure at the time of audit.

Loop1 will certify that your Orion deployment has been correctly configured and secured at the time of audit. We make no guarantee that your environment will remain that way, nor warrant against any future security issues.

Certified Secure Orion

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