Loop1’s SolarWinds® Health Check provides a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of your environment to ensure that your Orion Platform and monitoring set-up is performing at optimum levels.

A healthy platform that is fine-tuned, configured for your environment, up-to-date, feature-complete, and secure by design, is far better equipped to meet your IT Operations Management requirements—today, and in the future.

Architecture and Requirements Review

This is focused on reviewing and prioritizing requirements for the client’s ecosystem of hardware and software components. For those clients who have already installed and configured (wholly or partially) a solution, Loop1 will initiate a performance analysis of the deployed solution and make necessary changes or recommendations to correct any identified performance issues.

IT health check


Assessing the client’s current IT environment.

Understanding how the environment works and identifying responsible parties.


Analyze the infrastructure for opportunities.

Understanding how the environment works and identifying responsible parties.


Providing clear recommendations on network optimization.

Defining best practices, optimization solutions, custom properties, and more.


Discover and populate additional elements.

Per the network review, implement necessary devices and elements.

Architecture Readiness.

Determine and document client architecture, understanding where those resources are located, and identify asset owners

Loop1 will evaluate the current architecture to determine whether any additions need to be made to optimally host the client’s applications

Determine which types of software and hardware may be needed in the future, considering the client’s planned growth

Discover and populate additional devices and elements per requirements discovered during the Requirements Review phase

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