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Network-As-A-Service (NAAS)

Enabling secure, remote asynchronous access for the ongoing, proactive management of your IT investments

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VPNs have always been problematic, but modern applications and networks are amplifying the problems caused by them, including:

NetFoundry, allows organizations to spin up their own private network in minutes directly from any Cloud marketplace, providing Network-as-a-Service built on the principles of elastic, autonomous and secure.

This provides the following benefits

Better user experience
as app connections leverage the NetFoundry Fabric (SDN) for ‘enhanced internet’
Lower risk
as connectivity is built on Zero Trust making the customer ‘dark’ to the Internet with outbound-only and private IPs as well as app-level micro-segmentation (AppWANs) rendering DDoS, brute force attacks, botnet, and port scans redundant
Reduced management overhead
while being a consumption (OPEX), reducing total cost of ownership by up to 70% vs. private networks (e.g., MPLS, Express Route, etc.)
Developer velocity increases
as NetFoundry can be managed with GUI, APIs, SDKs, and DevOps tools/methods

Why use NetFoundry for Loop1 L1M3 Services

Loop1 has partnered with NetFoundry, the industry leader in embedded security as code zero trust networking to provide secure remote synchronous access to our L1M3 Services clients’ SolarWinds platform. NetFoundry’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform is the world’s largest dynamic, zero trust, cloud-native SDN.

Together with NetFoundry, L1M3 Services clients’ can leverage software-only, cloud-native solution to enable connectivity into their SolarWinds platform while keeping all inbound connections closed. External network level attacks (Zero-Day/CVE exploit, DDoS, brute force etc) become all but impossible; lateral movement is hugely restricted with access based on micro-segmented, least privileged access.

Loop1 and NetFoundry will establish a Loop1-to-Client private dark zero-trust network, providing a platform for secure remote synchronous access 24/7/365 for the ongoing, proactive management of your SolarWinds platform.

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Let’s get technical

If Loop1 were to use NetFoundry to provide our services securely and remotely, this is what it would like at a 50,000-foot view.

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Want to learn more about NetFoundry?

As a leading global partner and reseller of NetFoundry, Loop1 can help you get your
zero trust network stood up.

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