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Runecast enables simpler, proactive ITOM and CSPM with one platform to mitigate risk, increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure mission-critical stability – now with OS-level coverage.


Runecast Analyzer automates checks of your infrastructure against Security Standards, Knowledge Base articles, Hardware Compatibility Lists (HCL), and Best Practices—for mission-critical IT environments running AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, VMware, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Proactive Management

Get proactive best practices & security compliance analysis for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes & VMware to prevent unexpected risks and outages

Security Compliance

Automate your vulnerability management and security
standards compliance audits for AWS, Azure,
Kubernetes, and VMware

Best Practices

Align with Best Practices for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes,
VMware, and more for proactive IT Operations
Management (ITOM)

Log Analytics

Analyze ESXi logs in real-time for specific patterns
described in VMware KB articles to identify known

Upgrade Planning

Simulate ESXi upgrades compatibility against the VMware HCL to address potential issues before they occur

Configuration Management

Use Configuration Vault to detect drifts in your infrastructure and close the configuration gap before a major failure can occur

Remediation Capabilities

Filter and sort discovered issues and remediate them with a few clicks, to take swift action against any risks

Companies that benefit from Runecast intelligence
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Runecast Customer Success Stories

See how Runecast Analyzer benefits companies across
verticals with major time and cost savings, increased uptime,
and security standards compliance – for AWS and Azure
cloud, Kubernetes clusters and VMware SDDCs.

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