Loop1 Rapid Report Card

Undertake a free Rapid Report Card Session with Loop1* and we’ll send you a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
No catch, just lots of great insight into the health of your SolarWinds environment!

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SolarWnds mini heakth check from Loop1

Are you frequently overwhelmed with unnecessary and false alerts that slow troubleshooting speed? Are you making use of all the available features in your SolarWinds Orion platform?

Loop1 can help you to reduce noise, define your alerting strategy, pinpoint hardware, server, or performance problems, identify gaps in your tool and feature deployment, and understand the bigger picture to plan for what’s next—all with our free Rapid Report Card (RRC) session—think mini health check.

A quick reminder of what you need to do to qualify for the Amazon Gift Card:

Step 1: Complete this form to register your interest (before December 30, 2023**) and your dedicated Account Manager will be in touch to help you get started

Step 2: We’ll assist you with generating your Orion Insights Report via your SolarWinds Customer Portal (check out this brief video for instructions)

Step 3: We’ll get your RRC scheduled with one of our SCP-certified engineers, and your technical team

Step 4: Loop1 will prepare your Report Card, which includes our engineers recommended action plan for improvements and enhancements to your environment

Step 5: We’ll schedule a session with you to review the Report Card and present the findings—the report is then yours to keep

Once all that’s complete—your $100 Amazon Gift Card will be sent to you.

*To qualify for the complimentary $100 Amazon Gift Card, you must complete a full Rapid Report Card review session with Loop1 (complete steps 1-5 outlined above). This will involve:

  • providing us with a copy of your Orion Insights Report (accessible via your SolarWinds Customer Portal)
  • providing access to your SolarWinds environment for one of our engineers to undertake the assessment (typically a 2-hour session with you, and any relevant technical members of your team)
  • attending a follow-up session with Loop1 to review and discuss the findings of the report

**You must register your interest before December 30, 2023, via the sign me up link above.

All of the conditions above must be met to receive the $100 Amazon Gift Card. Only one Gift Card per SWID/organization—subject to availability. Gift Card will be sent via email to the person named on the RRC request form. Only open to clients located in NA. For new RRC bookings only, or clients who have not undertaken an RRC in the past 12 months. Loop1 will confirm eligibility prior to commencing the RRC. Loop1 reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time and without notice.

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