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Observability and Maturity Part 3 – Feature Awareness

Organizations spend millions of dollars annually yet never fully understand the functionality available in the tools they own. The fact that concepts like tool consolidation and rationalization are so prevalent in the IT industry speaks volumes to the increasing trend of organizations trying to fight against this problem.

Observability and Maturity Part 2 – The Six Assessment Areas & Stakeholders

In this post, we dive deeper into the ‘how’ of pursuing maturity in IT operations through improved monitoring and observability. Specifically, we explore the concept of Stakeholders and their alignment to the business services the organization depends on.

Observability and Maturity Part 1 – The Five Phases of Maturity

In this first part of our series on Observability and Maturity, we introduce L1M3, Loop1’s model for ensuring that monitoring & observability tools are deployed optimally to facilitate continuous improvements to IT operations and business outcomes. Read on to learn about the 5 Phases of Maturity.

What’s In a Name? The Importance of Naming Standards in IT Operations

At some point in your IT career, you probably encountered a server or network device named according to one or more of those types of naming conventions. But those days are long gone, right? Based on my recent experience, organizations are still struggling with standard naming conventions.

Too Many IT Tools—what’s Your Number?

The number. Someone in your organization likely knows your number. Some talk about it openly and seek to make it better. Others avoid the topic as an uncomfortable reminder of failed projects doomed to incompletion due to unfinished migrations or unexpected integration failures.

How important is our history?

As a strategist, I’m often asked if we should toss the history out and start with a new fresh database for the monitoring product or push through and try to retain the history. My answer is always, “If the data is not at risk or abused, keep it.” So, how important is our history?

What goes into your scorecard?

Scorecards are a fundamental part of measuring performance and guiding activities and decision-making across an organization to drive business value. Your scorecard should tell a story and provide a framework for measuring your success.

The Jack of All Trades – What is it and do you need one?

In the ever-changing landscape that is IT, there is a growing pressure to diversify skills. While organizations and people have varying degrees of success with this, the reason for that pressure is clear: teams need to be able to cover more ground with fewer people. Enter: The Jack of All Trades.

IT – What’s your passion? Passion drives us!

What inspired you to get into IT in the first place? Was it the creative medium in code development? Was it the challenge of having something broken and fixing that problem so that you can save somebody’s day? Can you connect your passion in your career with clarity to what motivates you?

Taking a wholistic approach to achieving excellence

When you plan your monitoring and management strategies for your tooling, who is applying a deep level of understanding to that exercise? This is the framework and tooling your teams live by. It connects your ITSM tools, to your observability tools, to your automation and management tools—all the things.

The Single Point of Failure

Of all the capabilities of SolarWinds Orion, the most under-the-radar feature in almost every environment in some form or fashion is the ability to monitor points of failure within the network. It is critical that Orion admins take care to mitigate the single points of failure inherent in their monitoring system.

Loop1 Announces Partnership with Runecast—maker of Runecast Analyzer

Loop1 is pleased to announce that it has joined the Runecast Partner Network as a value-added reseller. Runecast Solutions is the developer of Runecast Analyzer, a patented platform for proactive IT Operations Management (ITOM), security, and stability for on-prem and hybrid IT environments.

Observability and Monitoring—Siblings, not Rivals

The odds are increasing that if you work in IT, you, or someone close to you, has been talking about “observability” recently. And, simultaneously, the conversation likely includes some comparison or question about the difference between observability and monitoring. So, Let’s try to clear up some of this confusion.

QBS Software And Loop1 Announce Strategic Partnership in EMEA

“We are delighted to further strengthen our SolarWinds partner status in the EMEA region by working with QBS Software to provide our comprehensive portfolio of SolarWinds training and professional services for resale through their reseller channel, commented Bill Fitzpatrick, Chairman and CEO at Loop1.

We Aren’t Nuts… We Guarantee IT

“I guarantee it.” Even today, years removed from when the ads first aired, when I hear that phrase, I still picture the owner & CEO of Men’s Wearhouse talking about how you would “love the way you look” if you bought a suit from him–Learn about Loop1’s new ‘Certified Secure Orion’ guarantee.

Raising a Hand for Mental Health with MIEND

  The past year has brought challenges that can be overwhelming for some of us. Daily routines are interrupted, and suddenly, either you or someone you love is facing a mental illness. As loopsters, we support the families and caretakers of those who face challenges with their mental health. We are proud of the team […]

Loop1 strengthens European operations with the acquisition of I.Tresor GmbH & Co. KG

Establishing its first offices in Germany and adding additional sales and technical resources to support a growing client base throughout Europe. The addition of I.Tresor to the European operations delivers on Loop1’s strategic plan to increase the depth and breadth of its European business and to drive new opportunities in the DACH region.

Loop1 announces achievement of Cisco Premier Partner status in the US

The attainment marks an important milestone in Loop1’s global Cisco Partnership Roadmap, that sets out the plan for all Loop1 operations to achieve Premier Partner Status by the end of Q1 2021, as well as strengthening our relationship with Cisco, and our commitment to our clients globally.

Loop1 achieves Cisco Select Partner status in the US, UK, and Singapore

Loop1 has successfully met all the authorization program requirements necessary to earn Cisco Select Partner designation status for its operations in the US, UK, and Singapore. This attainment marks an important milestone in Loop1’s global Cisco Partnership Roadmap, that will see the US, UK, and Singapore join the APJ operation at Premier Partner Status by the end of 2020.

Top 5 things to do as a new SolarWinds Administrator

In this latest blog post, from Loop1 programming guru, and training instructor, Steven Klassen, learn the top 5 things you may want to consider as a new SolarWinds administrator. You know there are probably some settings that should be given attention sooner than later, but which ones?

Loop1 Welcomes Xlate Group to the Loop1 Family

Loop1 is pleased to announce its continued global expansion with the acquisition of Melbourne-based Xlate Group, a technology services integrator specializing in network and telecommunication systems, applications development, and integration across Australia and Asia

A Healthy Active Directory Makes for a Healthy Environment

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! In honor of the occasion, hear from one of our Loop1 Technical Account Managers’, about the importance of maintaining Active Directory (AD) and how a healthy AD can significantly improve your cybersecurity protocols!

Loop1 Systems Welcomes Kenson Network Engineering to the Loop1 Family

Loop1 Systems Welcomes Kenson Network Engineering to the Loop1 Family Austin, TX, – Loop1 Systems, an Austin-based enterprise IT service organization, proudly announces the acquisition of Kenson, one of the U.K.’s most respected suppliers of network management tools, expertise, and support. Kenson has served the market for more than 15 years and in 2017, the […]

Q&A with our Loop1 Engineer on keeping your servers secure

Servers are integral to network functionality and are also one of most common targets of a cyber attack. According to Verison’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, the second most common type of security breach the world is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack on servers. Servers, cloud servers, and even hybrid servers can all receive […]

Happy #SysAdminDay – A Sit Down with Our In-House SysAdmin

I have a really great joke about UDP, but you probably wouldn’t get it. . . Comedic gold that good can only mean one thing: IT’S SYSADMIN DAY! To celebrate, we sat down with our very own Loop1 SysAdmin, @Ben Penney, to learn a little more about him and his integral role in our company. [...]

Keeping your network secure–a Q&A with our Loop1 Engineer

With the ever present threat of a cyber attack it's important to maintain proper cybersecurity. Company networks are a common point of cyber attacks. Network security breaches primarily come from attacks from outside the network attempting to get in: hacking, phishing attacks, etc. But, according to the “2018 Data Breach Investigations” by Verison, network vulnerabilities [...]

Cyber Security

The Cost of a Cyber Attack Around the world, more and more IT professionals are focusing on cybersecurity as safeguarding data is becoming increasingly more important to an organization’s internal success strategy. According to a study published by the Ponemon Institute in July of 2018, the average number of cybersecurity breaches increased by 6.4% in [...]

December 2018 SolarWinds – Version Upgrades

Is your SolarWinds Environment ready for 2019? SolarWinds recently released version upgrades for NPM, NCM, NTA, IPAM, and general updates to the Orion platform and we want to make sure your team is completely up to date. What's New? NPM 12.4 - Cisco ACI® Support. Now your team can accurately monitor your SDN environment with [...]

Caveat Emptor or “Smart Quotes”

We live in a world these days where copy & paste is the shortest path to winning. In a world of Stack Overflow and Thwack and all those other sources of awesome content, it’s easy to find something you like, fire up a SAM template with a fresh PowerShell component and then paste the content […]

What Happens if I Have Conflicting Alerts?

Loop1 Answers Top Questions from Alert Noise Webinar We recently hosted a webinar on alert noise – the importance of getting them under control and how to customize for your needs. If you missed it, you can view it here: We had a rich conversation in our Q&A portion where our host, Chrystal Taylor, walked […]

One Client’s Journey to Slaying Alert Noise

  When we started working with our client, he was overwhelmed. He had finally convinced his organization to invest more than $250,000 in the SolarWinds platform, but he knew he wasn’t using the tool to its full potential. Subsequently, he was losing faith in the investment. “It’s just not useful to me,” he told us. […]

6 Instant Benefits When You Address Alert Fatigue

Ding. Buzz. New email in inbox. Ding, Ding, DING! What’s that noise? Yes, it’s another alert, most likely one of hundreds (or more!) you could see today. On a good day, they’re a mild nuisance. On a bad day, they’re painfully distracting, forcing you to surrender your precious time to seeing if these alerts are […]

New! SCP Preparation Courses Offered by Loop1

Loop1 Systems is proud to be one of the selected SolarWinds partners to provide training for the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP). The SCP was recently updated and will now be product focused, NPM and SAM, as well as being offered as the industry’s first subscription-based certification program. Earning the prestigious SCP certification indicates that a […]

New Owner at Loop1 Systems Prepares for Prosperous Future

Co-Owner William Fitzpatrick Buys Out Partner, Assumes 100% Ownership AUSTIN, Texas (Dec. 6, 2017) – Loop1 Systems, an IT infrastructure solutions provider and SolarWinds Authorized Partner, announced today that it has new ownership. William Fitzpatrick, who previously owned 42 percent of Loop1 Systems, now has full ownership. Fitzpatrick, taking the title of President and CEO, […]

SolarWinds Tip: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And To Love The PERFSTACK

We’ve all been there.  That same application admin has bonked his own server yet again.  Only, for some nonsensical reason it’s your fault. Yes, you the Network (or SysAdmin) guy (or girl). So, he complains to your boss who tells you to look at everything up and down the stack and waste the next hour […]

Using the REST API to Get the Most out of SolarWinds, Part 2

In the first post in this series I started by going over authentication with the SolarWinds API and sending queries with parameters. This time we'll dive in a little deeper and talk about leveraging the many "verbs" that are available. If you haven't already, you'll want to go and download the Orion SDK which includes [...]

SolarWinds Tips: Sending Alerts To Different Teams Using Custom Properties

One of the things that is really great about Orion is that you can be up and running in under an hour with a basic setup.  For the most part a small team doesn’t want to spend a lot of time fussing around with the monitoring tools.  Set it and forget it. I sometimes work […]

SolarWinds Tips: Alerting Best Practices

Alerting Best Practices Once you have your software installed and a few nodes added to your inventory the next stop is going to be alerting. It’s great to have a dashboard with pretty green lights, but unless the system can let you know when something’s gone awry it won’t be very useful unless you’re looking [...]

Using The REST API To Get The Most Out Of SolarWinds, Part 1

SolarWinds API, Part I This is the first post in a series I’ll be writing about using the REST API to get information out of SolarWinds (and make changes!). We’ll start with a basic query and go from there. Enter: Postman Before we write a single line of code we need to make sure that [...]

Tips For Securing Your SolarWinds Environment

If you are taking advantage of the many helpful and powerful modules SolarWinds has to offer, it’s time to make sure you are taking steps to secure your products as well as your environment. I work with a lot of diverse clients and companies and the one thing many of them have in common is […]

Technical Jargon Decrypted – Part Two – Networking Basics

In Part One of this series we looked at some of the basic terminology used in the tech world. Going forward in the series we will take a deeper dive by focusing on a specific topic. Since it seems to be common practice to prematurely blame the network for most issues and unexpected outages, I […]

Setting Up A Virtualized SQL Database For SolarWinds

I recently saw a question pop up on the SolarWinds community forum, Thwack, asking if the SolarWinds database could be virtualized. It absolutely can and I would say these days it is becoming increasingly rare for people to dedicate a physical host to their monitoring database. Despite how common it is to do, one of […]

Step by Step Guide to Setting Up SolarWinds Web Help Desk

Getting Started – Setup  Isn’t it nice when you get a new software solution and all you have to do is open it up and answer four or five questions and off you go? The problem is you are probably setting up some small widget app on your phone or a piece of software that […]

SolarWinds High Availability 2.0 – What You Need To Know

Recently, Loop1 Systems has had the opportunity to play as an active participant in the Beta program for the next gen release of the All New High Availability (HA) product for Orion. For those of you whom have struggled with designing or using past products sponsored by SolarWinds, I think you are going to be […]

Get More Out Of Network Monitoring With SNMP

Learning IP addressing was a little traumatic for me. All that math, bit boundaries, network vs. host portion of the addresses, and on and on. So when it came to learning SNMP, I wasn’t looking forward to untangling something that looked like this called an Object Identifier (OID): Thankfully I learned that if I […]

Decrypting Technical Jargon

Technical Jargon Decrypted – Part 1 Technology and its use of jargon can be confusing and frustrating, especially for new users (newbies). Understanding the terminology early on will help lessen these feelings and improve the overall user experience from the start. While starting from the most basic level and building a foundation, each post will […]

Web Help Desk – More Than Just Ticketing

If you are getting ready to or if you have just purchased the Hosted SolarWinds® Web Help Desk (WHD), this would be a great time to consider taking advantage of its larger potential and scope.

Dig Deep with Data Mining in SolarWinds

So you’ve installed your SolarWinds software and it’s been happily collecting status and statistics data for weeks, months, or years. You’ve used the out-of-the-box reports, but what if you want to roll up your sleeves and get into the raw data? Plan A: Dive into the Database There are a couple of problems with this. [...]

Basics of Setting Up a Network Monitoring System – Part 2

Part 2 of the series on the basics of setting up a network monitoring system.

Basics of Setting Up a Network Monitoring System – Part 1

It is surprisingly easy to set up any monitoring system in a way that causes a flood of red and green blinking lights and hundreds of alerts each day.

SolarWinds Tips And Tricks – Orion Custom HTML Messages

For the past 3 years and 7-ish months, I have been spending my days with Loop1 customizing the full range of SolarWinds products. From NPM to DameWare to SEM and PM, I have been blessed in my career to be in a position that allows me to not only teach others this craft we call […]

A Workflow for How To Write A Service Outage Notification

For service outage notifications, proper and effective communication to the customer is crucial. If you do not already have a template in place, you can use the following guidelines to craft one today.

3 Things To Check In Your SolarWinds Environment

The most important part of your SolarWinds environment is the Database (and by extension the database server). Also, if you have a Virtual DB server we have to look at the Host.

Austin Business Journal Honors Loop1 And Others On 2016 List

Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Professional Services and Training company, has been named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal.

Loop1 is one of fastest growing companies on Inc 5000 list for 2016

Austin, Texas based Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Professional Services and Training company, has been named one of the Top 5000 fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine. Loop1 ranks No. 2077 on this annual list which includes some of the most innovative and successful companies in America. The company distinguishes itself not […]

Loop1 Expands Course Offerings to Include SolarWinds® Web Help Desk

Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Professional Services and Training company, is expanding its comprehensive course offerings to include a new two-day course for the SolarWinds Web Help Desk ticketing tool.

Loop1 Systems honored by Austin Business Journal

Austin, Texas – October 28, 2015 – Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Professional Services and Training company, has been named one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal. Loop1 Systems ranked No. 11 on the list this year and shared the stage with a number of other innovative […]

Loop1 Systems Inc. ranked again on 2015 Inc. Magazine list

Austin, Texas based Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Professional Services and Training company, has been named one of the Top 5000 fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine. Loop1 Systems ranks No. 875 on this annual list of the most innovative and successful privately owned businesses in America. The company grew by more […]

Loop1 Systems and Ayehu announce Global Reseller Partnership

Austin, TX – October 21st, 2014 – Austin, Texas based Loop1 Systems Inc., a leading global IT Services company, has announced their reseller partnership with Ayehu Inc., the industry’s leading provider of enterprise class, lightweight IT process automation solutions. Ayehu is the developer of eyeShare™, a secure, on-premise IT process automation solution that integrates with […]

Loop1 Systems named 5th fastest growing company in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal

 Loop1 ranks #5 on the Fast 50 list with 100% growth in revenue from 2011 to 2013. Austin, TX – October 21, 2014 – Austin, Texas based Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Services company, was named the fifth fastest growing company in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal. The Fast 50 list is […]

Inc. Magazine names Loop1 Systems one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Austin, TX -August 26, 2014 Austin, Texas based Loop1 Systems Inc., a global IT Services company, has been named one of the Top 5000 fastest-growing companies in the country by Inc. Magazine. Loop1 Systems ranks No. 587 on this annual list of the most innovative and successful privately owned businesses in America. While the average […]

Solarwinds products receive global recognition from the IT professional community

Solarwinds has had a great start to 2014. They have recently been awarded a strong list of “Best of’s” around their network management software. Executive VP of Products and Markets, Suaad Sait states,”To have our products recognized by both industry experts and the IT community for excellence across networks, systems and application is continued reinforcement that working […]

Loop1 to create jobs in Ireland with Sales, Support, and Technical Center

Cork, January 29th, 2013 – Loop1 Systems Inc., a company that specialises in training and professional services for SolarWinds customers across North America and the EMEA region is to establish an EMEA sales, customer support and technical centre in Cork with the creation of 17 new jobs. Loop1 chose Cork as the location for this operation due […]

Loop1 Congratulates Our Own THWACK MVP!!!

Congratulations to Chrystal Taylor on becoming one of the newest MVP’s on the Solarwinds blog, THWACK. Look for Chrystal on THWACK as ChrystalIT!

Solarwinds’ Virtualization Manager wins at VMworld 2011

Solarwinds’ Virtualization Manager software won in the Virtualization Management category at this year’s VMworld 2011 annual conference. The awards are hosted by TechTarget, Inc. and cover eight product categories including business continuity and data protection; security and compliance for virtualization; virtualization management; hardware for virtualization; desktop virtualization; private cloud computing technologies; public/hybrid cloud computing technologies; and new technology.

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