One Client’s Journey to Slaying Alert Noise

alert noise
Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash


When we started working with our client, he was overwhelmed.

He had finally convinced his organization to invest more than $250,000 in the SolarWinds platform, but he knew he wasn’t using the tool to its full potential. Subsequently, he was losing faith in the investment.

“It’s just not useful to me,” he told us.

It wasn’t the SolarWinds software that was the issue. The problem was it was flooding him with alerts – the default ones — that were clogging up his inbox. He would investigate each alert only to find that it wasn’t an issue he needed to watch. He couldn’t decipher which were critical and which were just noise.

We had a Loop1 engineer come in, and spend the day with him. Together, they completely customized his alert systems to work for him. They eliminated all of the repetitive alerts and replaced them with ones that worked for his role and his organization.

Now that he’s been cleared of alert noise, he spends his time proactively monitoring his environment. His boss no longer sees his department as a profit drain and his people are better able to meet deadlines – all because they’re no longer investigating unnecessary alerts.

Almost all of our clients come to us feeling overwhelmed with alert noise. Ready to eliminate this nuisance once and for all?

Join our complimentary webinar, on March 22, where we’ll give you ideas on how to customize your alerts to your needs and finally eliminate the noise.

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