The most important part of your SolarWinds environment is the Database (and by extension the database server). Also, if you have a Virtual DB server we have to look at the Host.

Here are the top three things to check within your SolarWinds environment.

#1: What is the “power plan” setting on your database server?

  1. A short explanation is here –
  2. Here is one of several SQL blogs commenting on this topic.

#2: What is the CPU setting in the BIOS of your physical Database server (or the Virtualization host)?

#3: Is your nightly Orion Database maintenance job running without issue?

This is not an installation issue because this job is part of the default installation. However, you should check it periodically to ensure it is running properly.

  1. You can check the logs for that job here: C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\Orion\swdebugMaintenance.log


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