Solarwinds’ Virtualization Manager wins at VMworld 2011

Solarwinds’ Virtualization Manager software won in the Virtualization Management category at this year’s VMworld 2011 annual conference. The awards are hosted by  TechTarget, Inc. and cover eight product categories including business continuity and data protection; security and compliance for virtualization; virtualization management; hardware for virtualization; desktop virtualization; private cloud computing technologies; public/hybrid cloud computing technologies; and new technology.

Category: Virtualization Management

Winner: SolarWinds, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager
This virtualization management tool helps IT departments move from the early stages of virtualization deployment to implementation of private cloud and IT as a Service. One stand-out feature is its “Google-like search for VMs,” the judges said.

Runner-up: Xangati Inc., Xangati Management Dashboard Suite 4.0
Runner-up: Netuitive, Netuitive 5.5

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