Please review the following scheduling details:

  • The engagement will be considered confirmed once necessary information has been collected from the client. At that time a calendar invitation will be sent out. This invitation will act as confirmation of the engagement dates.
  • Loop1 Professional Service engagements should not exceed 8 hours of working time per day. If the full 8 hours is not used in a day, the remaining time is lost. If more than 8 hours is needed, client must contact Loop1 Project Manager for approval prior to exceeding 8 hours.
  • Cancellations/date changes must be submitted to TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the start of any engagement.
  • If a cancellation or reschedule takes place it will be subject to a fee of $650 per day as well as fees equal to non-refundable booked travel and travel changes.
    • Clients purchasing services in anything other than the U.S. Dollar the rescheduling/cancelation fee will be 40% of the daily rate day as well as fees equal to non-refundable booked travel and travel changes. This daily rate will be outlined on the corresponding services quote from which the order was placed.
  • Any days not completed by request of the client during the scheduled engagement must be scheduled within 90 days of the last day of the original engagement.
  • Any time that goes undelivered or unscheduled for 90+ days is subject to cancelation. If cancelation occurs the remaining balance may be due in full, at Loop1’s discretion.

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